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[Kung Fu] Wing Chun - The Science of In-Fighting (1982) - DVD/Rm
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Wing Chun - The Science of In-Fighting (1982) - Rmvb

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Plot: The Wing Chun style became popular with the film stardom of the late "King of Kung-fu", Bruce Lee. Lee's original martial art training is once again brought to light by Master Wong Shun Leung, Bruce Lee's chief instructor under Grandmaster Yip Man. 
Overview: Trained by the late, great Yip Man, and teacher to the famed Bruce Lee, Sifu Wong Shun Leung was considered by many to be the ultimate fighter. 
The Wing Chun Kung-fu style became popular with the international film stardom of the late "King of Kung-fu", Bruce Lee. Lee's original martial art training is once again brought to light by Master Wong Shun Leung, Bruce Lee's chief instructor under Grandmaster Yip Man. 

Wing Chun has become one of the most sophisticated combat styles in existence by the fact that, somewhat like Western Boxing, it uses Economy of Motion as its basis; however, it exceeds Boxing as a martial art through its utilization of the entire body as a weapon-the legs for blocks, kicks, and trips and the hands for blocks, grabs, throws and strikes. The special combined theories of the human body's division into "Four Gates", the "Centerline" principle, and the "Sticky Hands" method of attack and defense, which follows the subtle flow of an opponent's Kinetic Force, are divulged for the first time on film. The various patterns demonstrated here in their entirety are simple and easy to learn for the beginner. The underlying concepts are far-reaching enough to tantalize even the most proficient of practitioners. Wing Chun as a martial art is practical, straight forward, and more to the point-efficient. 
Cast: Wong Shun Leung

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Hey Tallkrogen..

About what u said about martial arts not kicking ass today..

You think THEY havent developed martial arts in China? My god there are horror stories about chinese officers killing enemies with martial arts...armed enemies. You say WE have developed fighting in the last 30 years..yeah sure, we have a lot of great fighters..TV fighters who are not only choreographed to fit mainstream violence rules, but also prohibited from many styles and ways of fighting, sure any K1 etc. etc. fighter could kick bruce lees ass, on mainstream tv where the fights are NON deadly..i think our old man bruce would KILL all fighters easier than you say POW!...bcz martial arts are developed to surprise and defeat an opponent quickly and K1, UF etc. are developed to make a TV audiece gasp at "the strenght and "coordination" of eg Bas Ruttens fighting". I know ive seen BAs Rutten demonstrate many of his moves and they are STREET fight is martial arts..only like 4000 years of development martial arts never EMPHASIZES meningless violence like K1 or UF which are here to fill us up with the disgrace of western malevolent idiot people who believe that a stolen beerkeg is enough reason to kill someone..i personally think Bas Rutten is a good fighter, but man what a emotionless cold brute he is at that..i think BAs Rutten enjoys his life, not that i see any sensible women coming forward or for that matter any family, the guys a train and bound to crash into things..martial arts of eastern philosophies emphasizes peace over war and peace makiong over fighting...unlike K1, UF, Boxing, which all emphasizes on minute collision for the sheer sake of EGO...

K1 UF etc are made up fighting styles meant to make money on a gullible TV audience, martial arts was developed so that citizens could protect themselves, WITHOUT GUNS..unlike in US where K1 and UF are people streetfight? No the buy guns..what does that tell you..``???
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First off James thanks for the up. Now as far as tallkrogen goes, perhaps you do not realize Bruce was one of the first mixed martial art individuals back before this was "cool". He studied techniques from several arts before forming his "no art" art fo Jeet Kune Do. As far as todays mma fighters, certainly they possess a great level of skill, however you put Bruce in even the octagon with one of these people in his weight class and the little dragon would shred them. The man spent his entire life perfecting his skills not for television or titles but for his love of the science and for real world defense. There is no comparison between someone like Matt Hughes and the late great legend himself, the most well known name in the martial art world.
Amen to that _MaddMaxx_
Not all MMA is performed in UFC, Pride/Dream (and don't speak of K-1 as MMA!). There are a lot of MMA in Brazil that has a lot less rules than the MMA you see on the big networks.

I think tallkrogen meant to say that a fighter with a background in a "stand up" martial art technique, has no chance against a fighter with a grabler background. A Kung-Fu fighter has ONE chance against a BJJ fighter... If he misses, he's lost...
No doubt that the sensitivity grapplers develop would help in a "real" fight, but point is that any "sport" fighting is unrealistic and "nerfed" and has very little in common with conditions in a life/death situation.
Someone who trains to kill, and someone who trains to kick and punch where you are "allowed" to will acquire mastery of two different situations.
Assuming two top guys faced off, whomever trained to kill would win. Reason you don't see Kung Fu in the ring, is because Kung Fu is not a sport, it is a combat system that assume that you can attack the groin, eyes, throat, etc.
Besides real vs sport.
I doubt Bruce Lee would of been smashed in MMA, guy was a technical and talented fighter and would probably have dominated in the 145 pounds division.
Bruce Lee would've kicked ass! So would Jet Li and Jackie Chan! No doubt!
If you've read his books you know that Bruce Lee wasn't just a stand up fighter, he also used grappling and ground fighting. Even in the jazzed up movie fighting he uses joint locking and chokes to kill people. In the A & E bio of him they say that he regularly had to hurt people who were challenging him even on movie sets and in his own back yard. Bruce was the real deal.
no one could beat Bruce Lee
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god whatta pathetic bunch of brainwashed bruce lee geeks! He was a MOVIE STAR, not a reallife fighter. Show me a video or other evidence that he kicked sombd's ass in real life? Except that dude at the movie set? Bruce and his fans obviously perpetuated the myth that he was an awesome fighter in reality, but you gotta realize that's an IMAGE from his MOVIES. Sure, he worked out intensely. What MMA fighter doesn't? Also, any person with a shred of realistic thinking in the brain realizes that kungfu IS more for show. Again, produce ONE fight where a kungfu fighter kicks a MMA fighter's ass. You CAN'T, because it doesn't HAPPEN. LOL at you geeks, go jerk off to a Jet Li movie.

Are you fuckin stupid, do you actually think that Bruce Lee was just an actor? I suggest that you research Bruce and read the many stories about him fighting other martial artists, and it was his incredible knowlage of martial arts that got him into acting not the other way around.

Bruce was and innovator, and if Bruce was a fake or crap fighter that a few of you fools have stated then why would his Jeet Kune Do be concidered one of the best martial arts there is to protect one?

And as for MMA vs traditional then traditional would win because in the MMA world there are no weapons or concrete floors or more than one attacker and there is certanly no referee to stop a fight when whatever happens whether it be a submit or TKO or KO and when you look at the best MMA fighter then you will clearly see that they trained in traditional arts first.

Finally heres a saying ''it's not the art but the artist''

Hey thanks for the upload -- at the end of the video it describes how
"in part two we will show you the next two forms and the weapon forms"

Do you have part two also?

Very useful introduction but as I'm an intermediate student I'm particularly interested in what Wong Sun Leung is said to demonstrate in part two.
Scratch that sorry - I've just found out that part 2 was never made -- a shame. Great introduction to Wing Chun nonetheless.

you are too quick to determine the limits of the human body
then judge that small-bodied people can not beat the big one
I'm not even sure if you know there are two types of muscle
if you watch fight science episode qi gong, it will change all that you believe till that day.