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Lost S05E08 HDTV XviD-XOR [eztv]
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2009-03-05 04:39:00 GMT
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will be*

I'd seed more but my sad old Packard usually overheats and shuts down half way through a night of Bit torrent.
Ta muchly 4 the UL...much appreciated
Thank You
For those who do not seed, do not download!
EZ uv'e heard it from me b4, big ups to ya 4 the work. Much appreciated, the night they screen it Im workin so ........ from New Zealand ...EZTV 4 president

Long live the PIRATES
Oh yeah, I'm cutting off uploads by stopping the torrent the moment I'm done.

That AND I'm locking the max upload speed at 1 kb/s

Ok, I will not seed, does this actually mean everything I DL from TPB? ;)
where the heck is ep 9 ?? shoulda been out today ! lol
episode 9 is out NEXT WEEK

what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!
when is S05E09 out anybody?
Wha's all dis bout not seeding... evry1 should seed... unfortunately NO1 Xplained the meaning o'seeding 2me, an now i have a keyboard that has sprouted a crop of lush and tasty wheat, but NEway, u live an'learn!
By the way, what's all this "sarcasm" business?? U americans make me giggle, it's like u don't seem 2 understand that we have such things as 'a sense of humour' in other countries. Well.. we "foreigners" get it!!! In fact from the state of your comedy shows I've always had the notion that it's U guys who have trouble with the more subtle nuances of humour. E.G- irony. U'all seem to mistake irony for BAD LUCK. There is a difference guys. And it's us Brits u should defer to on the sarcasm and comedy front... yes, us of the cricket, rugby, bangers&mash, bad teeth and monty pythons flying circus! (Or so the stereotype goes) It's ok padawans, u are but a young country and we forgive ur transgressions, arrogance & blindness to the world O'er yonder. It's not ur fault. I blame "G. dubberya"

BTW: Thanx a bunch EZ, u do much 4 poor England, for our TV is backward 2 say da least & ur torrents are wicked, and breath life and imagination into me an'my PC. Special gratitude 4 True Blood, Lost, Terminator: Chronicles, and did u UL Psych?? LoVe dat show!! ;op
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