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Super Mario Bros v0.63 Android
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Super Mario Bros v0.63.13369.55767
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: The all time game is back, Super Mario for Android Tablets and Phones is here.

The all time game is back, Super Mario for Android Tablets and Phones is here.

Welcome to Super Mario Bros for Android tablets and phones. This game is a throwback to the original best selling game of all time, Super Mario Bros, Play as mario or luigi and help them save the princess from the bad King Kuppa, Play 119 Levels each more difficult than the next.
The only requirement is that you must have Flash Player 10.1 or higher installed for the game to work properly.
Play this all time game today on your android tablet or phone.
This is the best controlled, graphics, and gameplay mario game on the market.


BONE, can you please get us the Pixitracker APK???
Uhh... yeah.. I have a NES Emulator.. all the mario's + about 700 other games. Peace!
greatest game ever! classic :P
doesn't work on my galaxy s2
I have Flash 11.1 on a tablet running Android 3.2.1 and I never get beyond "Loading Flash Game..." with this. Any suggestions?
i have the same problem as Optimus_past_my_Prime

Trying it on a galaxy s3
same flash problem on s3...!!
for those of you that have flash errors, the adobe flash player mobile must be installed. but since adobe scrapped that project only some newer and some plder devices will support it, the S3 doesnt. but the 4X HD does
Steps to get adobe flash
1. Root you're phone
2 get market enabler
3.look up Europe codes for market enabler apply go to market and download adobe or Web site and follow link to market of first does not work lucky patcher
5.apply custom patch from recomended list of actions on lucky patcher

This works for phone that can be rooted including older Androids
You can go thru all that nonsense to root phone, get this, install that.. OR you can get a NES emulator and play the fuckin game without all the hassles. Worthless torrent
dont work on acro s
for those of you having a problem with this you could always try an emulator. it takes very little system resources and you can get the emulator and 700+ games for free and it only uses 152 MB. heres the link: delete the emulator folder and download an android version for free from slideme or equivalent.
Requires FLASH. Avoid.
If you haven't rooted your phone already, you probably shouldn't.
i dont get anything after "Loading Flash game... i have installed flashplayer 11.... what to do? i have not rooted my phone
I have NOT rooted my android phone and got flash to work. I downloaded from Adobe site. Google "archived flash player versions - adobe" . Towards bottom of page is for androids. I have 4.0 ice cream. I could steam movies from movie2k, before I couldn't, without flash . Btw, thanks for Mario game.
[url=]Adam Bear -Free Platform Game [/url]

new game in google
Use 64 in 1. Much better and has actual Super Mario Bros from the NES